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Quast Media created and designed six printed posters with an “augmented reality” feature.  The posters were displayed at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s annual "Celebration of Giving" event at the Bushnell.


The posters were spread throughout the facility, and the A/R feature proved to be quite engaging to visitors of all ages, who were able to scan the posters on their smartphones with a provided app to see the poster come alive. Test it below and see it for yourself! 

Watch this poster come alive with augmented reality!​

To test one of our AR Posters, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Download the "Zappar" app for free on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Aim and scan the poster below.

  3. Watch it come alive.

Reshape the way you perceive the world!

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that's been around for some time but it's only recently taken off. Thanks to innovative smartphone technology, AR is now available to a broad audience.

Quast Media creates AR experiences that link people to brands, products, services and communities in new innovative ways.

Augmented Reality technology can help almost any business to build more meaningful and interactive relationships with their prospects and clients.

How can AR benefit you?

Here are just a few reasons to consider using AR in your company’s marketing plan:

  • Turn static posters into an interactive experience with a layer of digital content. The added digital interactivity excites users about your brand

  • Catch users' attention with exciting AR videos.

  • Virtually decorate a space

  • Allow the user to capture images with your product to share on social media.

  • Make users step into another world.

  • Allow customers to contact you easily with "Click-to-Call".

  • Enhance your products with a 360 degree views.

  • See how a new car looks in the driveway.

  • Use AR to reveal promos and coupons.

  • Visualize the menu of your restaurant.

AR Contact

Ready to start your project?

Call us at 860.310.4400 or send us a message to request samples of our work.

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