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Our Interactive Digital Experiences offer a new and exciting way to engage with museum exhibits. Using the latest technology, we create immersive and interactive displays that allow visitors to explore and learn in a whole new way. Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your museum's unique vision and message is conveyed seamlessly. Upgrade your museum experience today with our cutting-edge digital experiences!

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Digital Sliderule/Timeline
The Digital Timeline is Quast Media’s touchscreen innovation that people love to spend time with. It's essentially an interactive multitouch kiosk on a uniquely designed precision rail system. With the lightest touch users can slide the monitor back and forth effortlessly across the graphic backdrop, interacting with multimedia content at any number of intervals along the way. 

Interactive Video Wall
The Ecosystem wall is aptly named as it presents users with a comprehensive and dimensional view of Hartford HealthCare's 5-core focus areas—and the multitude of interconnected programs that support HHC's vast health care enterprise. Graphics and text undulate within the white space, reinforcing the notion that the HHC Ecosystem remains fluid and agile within the evolving health care landscape.

Interactive Kiosk, AR and 3D Hologram
The New England Air Museum hired Quast Media to enhance their current Kaman Exhibit with digital experiences. Read more in the case study.

Technology for Manufacturing Museum
In 2020, The Lee Company hired Quast Media LLC to plan and develop the Early Engineering Technology Museum at their facility in Westbrook, CT. 


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