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Bringing Bike Share to Hartford

Quast Media recently partnered with Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Connecticut’s largest non-profit community foundation, to “live-stream” an event on Facebook and YouTube. 
In addition to making the event an instant “on-demand” video immediately upon completion, “live-streaming” an event can benefit a company in several other ways.  “Live-streaming” can give you the opportunity to make the event available for those who can’t attend, as well as allow you to increase your audience “footprint” from a local perspective to appeal to audiences regionally, nationally, or even globally!
And there’s no need to worry about detracting from live event attendance, since statistics show that most people that can attend a live event will attend.  In the case of this presentation, within a few hours of the event’s completion, more than 500 people had watched the recording, including a reporter from a local paper.  The reporter was impressed enough to write an article about the event using the recording - He even included the video link in his article! To date, the recording has more than 10,000 views.
So give it a look – then call us to see how “live-streaming” technology from Quast Media can help you turn your next event into something BIG!

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