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Healthcare Marketing Case Study | Digital Signage





  • Findamoreefficientwaytouse digital technology to optimize informational messaging that foster better patient outcomes

  • Developasystemstrategyto enhance efficiency, speed, agility and quality control   


  • Onetrustedpartnernowhandles project management, content creation, scheduling, technical support, and installations

  • Seamlessintegrationintodaily as well as long-term content management

  • Unique creative process for content development with an enhanced emphasis on brand continuity


“The Quast Media team is fully integrated into our strategic communications process, so they’re not a vendor. They’re a true partner.”

- Keith Fontaine
Vice President, Marketing & Branding Hartford HealthCare



Hartford HealthCare – Over A Decade of Collaboration

Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive health system. With more than 30,000 employees, the system is comprised of seven acute care hospitals, six health institutes, the state’s longest-running air-ambulance service, behavioral health and rehabilitation services, a large physician group and clinical integration organization, skilled-nursing and home health services, and a wide range of services for seniors, including senior-living facilities.

Hartford HealthCare has long used the technology of digital signage to inform patients, staff and visitors, promote events, recognize employee achievement, and share key information, emergency communications and regulatory updates.

Mystic 2nd Floor


In 2008, Dan Small, director of digital strategy at Hartford HealthCare, determined that the use of multiple digital signage systems and vendors was preventing the healthcare network from achieving the level of efficiency, speed, agility and quality control that he knew was possible.

Small, who has served at Hartford HealthCare for nearly 20 years, decided the issues were adversely affecting the organization. “I was never quite sure who to contact or who was responsible for which signage system,” he explained. “And when I did find out, each vendor and system required a different process and specs. I had to manage different vendors. This lack of structure fostered an unfair reflection on my department, and — worst of all — a poor experience for our patients and colleagues.”

Small looked at different platforms and vendors, and even considered moving the entire process in-house. Ultimately, he decided to seek one partner that had the capability to integrate the entire digital signage process into one service.


Enter Quast Media. The team took the time to understand the objectives and end-outcome that Hartford HealthCare was looking for and found creative ways to streamline the system while integrating the entire process.

“Quast Media was an attractive solution because they could handle project management, content creation and scheduling, technical maintenance and installations,” said Small. “This made my life much easier in a variety of ways, providing the enhancements in quality control, speed, agility and relationship management that I was seeking.”



Hartford HealthCare and Quast Media have since built upon their collaboration in both scope of operations and process. From an initial starting point of just three displays at corporate headquarters, the digital signage network has grown to more than 200 digital displays throughout the healthcare system. A unique creative process for content development with a very strong emphasis on brand continuity has also evolved from the partnership.

“Quast Media has employees embedded directly within our staff meetings, and they receive many of our communications such as emails and newsletters,” Small explained. “This allows for a seamless integration into our daily content management as well as our long-term campaign management.”

Quast Media creates, uploads and manages all messaging to the expanding network of screen monitors. “The integration of staff is key, but so is our long history of success,” concluded Small. “Both build trust in the process.”

Keith Fontaine, vice president of marketing and branding at Hartford HealthCare reflected on the long-term relationship:

“The Quast Media team is fully integrated into our strategic communications process, so they’re not a vendor; they’re a true partner. Together, we’re able to execute creatively, quickly and efficiently. Every day, we reach our internal and external audiences with hundreds of targeted, engaging and timely messages. It’s a partnership with a purpose. ”

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