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Welcome to the world of

3D Holographic Content!


Businesses are always seeking new and better ways to set themselves apart.  For years, videos and graphics have helped companies capture  customers' attention while seeking to engage them in ways that result in consumer “actions”.   Businesses continue to look for exciting, innovative technologies to “catch the eye” – and the minds – of consumers.  One emerging technology does this instantly and can be customized to reflect any product and in any context. Welcome to the world of 3D Holograms!


Here’s a short explanation of the power and allure of this technology:

3D Holograms used to be an expensive and niche application.  Thanks to advances in hardware technology and 3D content creation, Quast Media now brings 3D holographic design and display technology down to a consumer level, where any sized surface can be a canvas for incredible visuals, displaying content that generates huge traffic and instantly grabs consumer attention and engagement.


3D Holographic images currently are considered to be an “emerging” market, and as such, you probably haven't seen them in your day-to-day life experiences.  Because the technology is new and fresh, the use of this marketing tool has a “WOW” factor that other digital content creations can’t match – and now, it’s developed into an affordable and easy-to-integrate addition to your marketing and promotional strategy.


The interface of our projection technology makes it possible to seamlessly change the content of the hologram with no design training needed. It even works on a mobile device for changing the image on the go.

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Quast Media can build custom holograms for any event, promotion, or marketing campaign you desire, as well as provide a simple yet sophisticated hardware delivery that can supercharge your efforts to educate, engage and entertain your clients. 

                Contact us today to begin your 3D holographic journey!

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