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Still using printed signs and easels?

Or how about those dusty chalkboards?



Meet Ruben, Paige and Jack and learn how each of them decreased their printing costs.

Meet Ruben. Restaurants



Do you own a restaurant? Then never pay for printed menu boards again.

But are chalkboards the answer?

Meet Jack. Small Business



Do you work in a professional office? Then you need to meet Jack. Learn how his firm is enjoying business growth from existing clients and acquiring new ones.

Meet Paige. Healthcare Facilities



Paige works in the marketing department of Watkins Hospital. Watch the video and learn how she joined our growing "Stop the Easel" movement.

Ready to move your easels and chalkboards to the storage room?



Call us at 860.310.4400 or visit our online shop for pricing options.

What are digital signage and menu boards?


Digital signage is an innovative communication tool that replaces posters, printed signs, printed menu boards and chalk boards. It's a form of narrowcasting in which video content is displayed on a monitor for informational or advertising purposes. Our digital signs or menu boards consist of our 4K/UltraHD media player connected to a LED display or video wall. Content on digital signs can be updated remotely in real-time using our online content management software. Click here to see how easy it is to use.


Who uses it?

Digital signage is used in office lobbies, reception areas, retail stores, schools, libraries, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, banks, auto dealerships and many other venues. Many restaurants use digital signage to replace their printed menu boards.


How can digital signage benefit you?

Here are just a few advantages vs. static signs (paper, boards, etc.):

  • Digital signs attract more attention by using high-definition motion graphics and video.

  • Digital sign content can be updated within a matter of seconds.

  • Digital signs are better on the environment—they reduce paper waste.

  • Digital signs allow you to display emergency messaging in real time.

  • Digital signs improve employee and company-wide communication.

How much does it cost?

We offer complete digital signage and digital menu board solutions, including all hardware, software, installation and fully-managed content. Based on the size and needs of your organization, we recommend our desktop solution or our cloud-based solution.

Our 4k/UltraHD player package starts at only $600*. Visit our online store for more options.

* Includes 4K/UltraHD and 1 year software license.


How do I create content?

Our content management software is equipped with a simple, built-in content creation tool.

Or if you'd rather focus on other tasks, you can hire us to create and manage your customized content starting at only $275 per ad or low monthly fee.

How easy is it to use?

Well, just watch the video below and see it for yourself. It takes less than 4 minutes to learn how to operate our cloud-based content management software.


Ready to start your project?



Call us at 860.310.4400 or send us a message to request samples of our work.

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