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Healthcare Case Study | LED Video Wall





Bridgeport, Connecticut


  • Upgrade the visual display applications and technology to better enhance the new lobby renovation

  • Create a welcoming environment while also adhering to HHC's branding guidelines


  • Upgraded technology allows for a richer, eye-catching display of information

  • ·The ability to integrate up-to-date, daily, and long-term branded content seamlessly 

  • ·Custom-created videos and graphics displaying the local area and creating a connection to patients, staff, and visitors

St. Vincent's Medical Center Embraces Technology with New LED Video Wall During Lobby Renovation

Since being founded in 1903, St. Vincent's Medical Center (SVMC) has been helping patients and the community in Bridgeport and Fairfield County. They dedicate their work to their patients every day. In 2019, St. Vincent's joined Hartford HealthCare (HHC), becoming part of a comprehensive network covering over 160 towns and over 300 locations. Since the merger, more health services, options, and choices have become available to the residents of Connecticut.



At the end of 2021, SVMC underwent a significant lobby renovation to comply with Hartford HealthCare's branding guidelines and streamline the hospital's services and processes. The additional goals focused on creating a more welcoming environment for patients and staff.  

Hartford HealthCare's network and processes raise it above the competition, especially when it comes to attractively conveying information. This lobby update at SVMC would improve the overall experience upon entering the facility and enhance the experience with newly available technologies.


Quast Media and Hartford HealthCare have successfully worked together when assisting hospitals in adapting to the changing digital age. During their partnership, Quast Media and HHC have created and implemented a signage network currently encompassing more than 300 displays. This partnership also means that the HHC network has access to new, fresh, daily content created and provided by Quast Media. It has also developed a comprehensive process that allows all digital signs to be monitored and updated as needed or desired. Incorporating technology, like digital signage, helps engage visitors, patients, and staff with visually appealing media at the forefront.


During the lobby renovation, Quast Media collaborated with all SVMC facilities, building architects, and construction management personnel to develop a plan for upgrading the technological solutions. The aim was to incorporate local footage and digital media focusing on the local community. The finalized plan resulted in installing three digital displays, including a custom 5' by 10' LED video wall.

Quast Media also committed to taking the time to meet with HHC and SVMC's marketing teams to brainstorm ideas for content. Afterward, Quast Media began filming scenic local videos, creating video graphics and ads, and other requested content based on the collaboration. They utilized the knowledge and experience of their staff to craft beautiful custom displays and footage to meet SVMC's needs.


As of June 2022, St. Vincent's is now using its upgraded digital messaging network in their renovated lobby, drawing more views, and conveying useful information more than ever before.


The newly upgraded technologies work together in the following:


5' by 10' vertical custom LED video wall:


This installation features a display powered by PixelFlex, a leader in LED displays, signage, and the newest adaptive visual technology available. The high-quality and long-lasting LED panels ensure long-term use and results. Advancements in light sensor technology now enables the screen to adjust the brightness of the video content according to the present ambient light. It can adjust these settings to complement all times of the day and night.


The professional installation and calibration of the video wall took place over a 3-day process, managed by expert staff. The content featured on this display came to fruition through brainstorming with HHC staff to select the most appropriate and effective content to feature. The new subject matter scenic footage throughout Bridgeport and the surrounding areas, as well as newly produced and existing materials. Other custom-crafted content includes spotlighting community involvement, the history of SVMC, and HHC's core values. 


86" digital display in SVMC's seating area and 65" display next to gift shop:


Comprised of commercial-grade Philips 4K/UltraHD displays, these screens run on Quast Media's ~sedna presenter digital signage content management system. Using this specific system enables custom content to be changed daily. This process allows for focusing on advertising events, promoting services, engaging, raising staff awareness of important issues, and recognizing the staff's many accomplishments.


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