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Connecticut and Southwestern Massachusetts


  • Use technology to continue critical information sharing among member companies

  • Develop a format that“mirrors” the energy and engagement of a live meeting   


  • Promote “bestpractice” approaches to shared concerns relating to business challenges brought on by the global pandemic

  • Foster a feeling of “normalcy” by continuing the patterns of idea exchange and shared visions associated with ongoing ACM membership meetings

“Once again, the ACM was faced with a challenge, and once again Quast Media stepped up to the challenge and provided an affordable solution to our needs.”

  - Paul Murphy, Executive Director

     Aerospace Components

     Manufacturers (ACM)


Professionally-produced webinar event developed to meet these goals, including invitation and registration development, and a fully-staffed team involved with every facet of the live production.


To work with a command of leading-edge digital media technologies and skill sets to create experiences that educate, connect and move people in powerful ways.

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Aerospace Components Manufacturers (ACM)
Uses Webinar Technology to Stay on Schedule and In Touch with Members and Stakeholders

Aerospace Component Manufacturers (ACM), a nonprofit regional network of independent aerospace companies located across Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts, needed a platform for staying connected and sharing member experiences in this time of global uncertainty.

Over 120 ACM member firms form this unique industrial cooperative of manufacturers, processors and suppliers. Collectively, they represent a regional supply chain that serves the global aerospace market with exceedingly competitive capabilities and expertise.

In the face of the worldwide pandemic, ACM executives moved quickly to maintain this competitive stance by seeking a platform where they could continue to meet to discuss business challenges, share solutions, and foster a feeling of togetherness.


With federal, state and local governments issuing strict procedures for conducting business, the association was challenged in its ability to conduct its monthly business development meeting, as well as its fast-approaching Annual Members meeting. These essential gatherings could be indefinitely postponed, but at what cost to the collaboration that had become essential to member businesses?


ACM knew it could rely on Quast Media to provide the expertise and needed assurances for quality, scale and security that would allow them to smoothly navigate the challenges of live production, including coordination of:

Objectives and Content

  • Multiple on-camera speakers/panelists

  • Formatting and preparation of slide presentations and video

  • Webinar rehearsals

  • Exclusive invitation, registration and password security for all attendees

  • Webinar recording

  • Remote production crew members with defined roles

Having about a week’s time to prepare, Quast Media got to work gathering information on meeting objectives, content, guest speakers, and agenda items by conducting several pre-production meetings and a webinar practice session. The Quast team then took responsibility for producing the live event, which included creating the invitation, tracking event registration, participant security verifications, and sending unique meeting credentials and reminders to all registrants.

Quast Media created an ACM-branded PowerPoint presentation from panelist-supplied materials that would be used throughout the event. The event also included a welcome slide and looped ACM video that was visible in the “waiting room” 15 minutes prior to the scheduled webinar start time.

Live Event
On the morning of the event, a remotely situated three-person Quast Media team coordinated webcam and audio switching for presenters and attendees, slide and graphic presentations, Q&A, and an in-meeting audience poll.

Additionally, Quast Media made another team member available to be a webinar attendee, tracking the production and taking notes to be used for a debriefing session with the ACM after webinar conclusion.


The event was attended by representatives from more than 80 ACM member companies and garnered many positive comments.

The online poll regarding attendees’ willingness to participate in future live webinars garnered a 100% positive response.

The entire event, including slide presentations, was recorded and provided to ACM for distribution to associate members.

Paul Murphy, Executive Director of ACM, talks about the project development:

“With the current pandemic and the need to stay in contact with our organization’s membership, I was tasked to seek a way to provide remote meetings in a professional manner. I turned to Quast Media for a proposal.

The Quast Media team came together quickly to understand what we were attempting to accomplish. After discussions, the Quast team provided a solution to the ACM using their webinar technologies. They provided such great guidance and made the process quite easy for the ACM to understand and use.

“The ACM then engaged with Quast Media to provide their services for our monthly business development team meeting. The meeting went off quite well and the members provided very positive feedback on the way the meeting was conducted. With those successful results, the ACM has contracted with Quast Media to support the ACM with their May Annual Presidents Meeting as a webinar. The ACM originally had postponed that meeting, however with Quast Media’s expertise, we were able to make an easy decision to hold the meeting utilizing Quast Media’s expertise. Once again, the ACM was faced with a challenge, and once again Quast Media stepped up to the challenge and provided an affordable solution to our needs.”


If you have the need to continue communicating critical information to employees, clients or prospects, but don’t have the time or technical proficiency to professionally conduct a live webinar, give Quast Media a call to discuss your unique meeting objectives and the many ways we can ensure that your remote production meeting runs as smoothly as it would in person!

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