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You’ve heard of the old saying that “time is money”.  Well, nowhere is this more important than in the realm of Manufacturing.  Most products today are made in automated factories.  Many are being run around the clock.
According the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), U.S. Manufacturing still accounts for almost 9% of total employment in the United States.  In areas such as our home state of Connecticut, this number is 10%.

Whether you’re a small manufacturer serving a regional market or a large company serving the needs of OEM’s on an International scope, Quast Media has the digital technologies that can assist you in providing sales/marketing support, after the sales service/support, employee training, or manufacturing floor efficiencies.

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AR | VR | MR

Here are a few ways that Alternative Reality applications can be an integral part of your process:

  • Allowing Data Collection to become “visual”: Companies go to great expense to gather data in the manufacturing process,. MR (mixed reality) has the ability to better connect workers on the factory floor with important information that can be displayed as “visual overlays”.  This process will enhance machine efficiency as well as increase quality control.

  • Continuing Education and Training: Training in a “mixed reality” environment increases safety standards since workers are practicing in a simulated environment. Additionally, because the training is done in a virtual environment, expensive-to-operate standalone training facilities become obsolete.  Companies can save on transporting workers to these training facilities, wear-and-tear on the equipment used, and still create a learning environment that is far superior to traditional classroom methods.  The added benefit of MR training is the ability to retain all of the benefits associated with real-world “learn-by-doing” curriculum.

  • Create Mixed Reality instructions: What if that IKEA shelving unit you just bought had a way for you to interact with an overlay of assembly instructions?  And also, better still – how will it look in your home, and will it fit in your desired space?  These are just some of the questions that Mixed reality applications are poised to provide answers for.


There are many other ways that Mixed Reality applications will soon be enhancing the manufacturing process as well as end products produced – To begin to develop a customized strategy that maximizes and better monetizes your company’s manufacturing processes, contact us today.

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Video Production

In today’s digital world, videos are an important part of marketing strategies.  Video marketing has been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.  This is especially important in today’s world of “content overload”.  Your manufacturing organization’s ability to capture attention and build market differentiation has never been more important!

Quast Media can manage your video project from start to finish, including research, script development, talent casting, 2D and 3D animation, on-site or studio video and audio recording, editing and distribution.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes to build brand awareness and increase revenues. Quast Media can complement your marketing efforts through every level of audience “funnel activity” engagement.  Here are a few kinds of video production projects we can create for your unique audience:


Usage: C-Level Profile Videos, Safety Training/Preparedness Videos, Client Testimonials, HR/Training Tools, Facility and Project Fly-Overs, Client-Facing Marketing Promotions.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 10.10.54

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Whether you’re a large manufacturer shipping items across the globe or a small local company doing business in a regional setting, Quast Media not only provides the latest hardware, software and installation but also creates and manages your content.

Our relationship with you begins before we install your digital signage system. We know that content is the most important part of any successfully implemented marketing tool such as digital signage. We work closely with your marketing department to research, create and distribute the right content to all your digital signage locations.

Recommended locations: Lobbies and cafeterias, department waiting rooms, high traffic areas. 

Usage: Wayfinding, Employee News and Events, HR Required Information, Safety Training, Staff Recognition, Facility Guest Announcements.

Case Studies & Blog Articles

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