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Whether you manage a large healthcare network, a hospital, a dental practice, or even a senior living facility, Quast Media can help you create a marketing strategy that drives patient engagement and retention.

Using the latest technologies such as digital signage, 4K video production and alternative reality applications, and combining these tools with our experience in creating targeted custom content, a digital solution from Quast Media will not only strengthen your brand, but also enhance the positive environment you strive to provide for your patients, employees and visitors and staff.

From event promotions on digital signage screens to physician profile videos on social media and surgery preparedness videos to reinforce important patient information, we deliver high-quality content that can be utilized on various distribution platforms.

Call or email us today to see how a customized digital technology solution from Quast Media can help you reach your healthcare messaging goals and objectives. 


Healthcare | Digital Signage

Whether it's a large hospital with hundreds of digital signage monitors to a small practice with only one digital signage screen, Quast Media not only provides the latest hardware, software and installation but also creates and manages your content.

Our relationship with you begins before we install your digital signage system. We know that content is the most important part of any successfully implemented marketing tool. We work closely with your marketing department to research, create and distribute the right content to all your digital signage locations.

Recommended locations: Hospital lobbies and cafeterias, department waiting rooms, high traffic areas.

Usage: Event and Services Advertising, Staff Recognition, General and Required Patient-Facing Information, Fundraising Promotions, Donor Recognition, Air Live Events on Screens.


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Video Production

In today’s digital world, videos are an important part of marketing strategies. Video marketing has been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.  This is especially important in today’s world of “content overload”.  Your healthcare organization’s ability to capture attention has never been more important!

Quast Media can manage your video project from start to finish, including research, script development, talent casting, 2D and 3D animation, on-site or studio video and audio recording, editing and distribution.

We’ve helped healthcare facilities of all sizes to build brand awareness and increase revenues. Quast Media can complement your marketing efforts through every level of patient  engagement.  Here are a few kinds of video production projects we can create for your unique audience:


Usage: Physician Profile Videos, Surgery Preparedness Videos, Patient Discharge Videos, Patient Testimonials, Facility Fly-Overs.


Case Studies & Blog Articles

Health - Video
Health - AR

AR | VR | MR | VirtualTours

The demands placed on today’s healthcare environment go much further than the expectation of new effective cures for diseases and clean and efficient facilities. Healthcare companies are being asked to improve effectiveness while trimming costs associated with care.

The applications of AR/VR/MR technologies are having a profound impact on these expectations in many ways.  Here are just a few:

Healthcare/Hospital Procedures

  • Medical school training for students to learn procedures on “virtual” patients, enabling greater understanding and positive results through repetition.  Organs, veins or bones will be visible accurately in 3D, and future medical professionals will be able to analyze their shape and remember their characteristics more vividly than it is possible when studying from a book.

  • Using these Immersive applications in the Pre-operative planning phase of operations will allow physicians to plan their entire intervention using 3D holograms, where they could accurately see the spaces for making incisions and clearly envision the consequences of their moves.

  • VR assisted surgical procedures and long-distance collaborations will make the procedures safer, more effective, and less costly to both patients and facilities. 

  • VR apps for children can reduce stress and promote calmness before a medical procedure.

  • Hospital Staff training in safety, mandatory disclosure procedures and special event training such as mass casualty preparations and active shooter scenarios can be greatly enhanced using AR/VR/MR technologies.

  • “Virtual Tours” of the hospital facility, including highlighted and interactive Augmented or Mixed Reality “hot spots” designed to showcase the cutting-edge equipment used in today’s procedures.


Quast Media has the ability to work side-by-side with your healthcare facility to determine, diagnose, develop and deliver the technology applications that will help you give your patients the best quality healthcare experience available.  

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