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& 360 VIDEO

With decades of experience in video production and a track record of embracing new technology, Quast Media offers the technology of 360 video and Virtual Reality to our clients! This immersive tool helps companies in every industry to set a “point of view”, or “reference”, while allowing the viewer the freedom to control the “perspective” by using controls in their browser or with a VR headset.  The first person “exploratory” ability of 360 video and VR, along with the potential to create greater emotive storytelling, will help fuel your messaging as never before!


Quast Media is your one-stop agency for development, design, creation, and implementation of 360 videos and interactive VR experiences! 

Although 360 video and VR technology has been around for quite some time, recent advances in technology have led to breakthroughs in the applications as well as cost effectiveness of 360-degree video and VR.  These positive changes have allowed this cutting-edge technology to now be a useful and creative tool for industries of all sizes and verticals.


According to IDC, global spending for VR will double every year through 2021.   It is also estimated that more than 22 million U.S. residents will experience VR on a monthly basis this year, growing to more than 49 million U.S.-based monthly users by 2019 (Source: eMarketer). From consumer applications to manufacturing and science, and from healthcare to tourism and real estate, 360 video and VR technology will soon change the way we interact with each other in a wide spectrum of ways.

New England Air Museum 360º Guided Video Tour


A short 360º video tour of of some of the collections at the New England Air Museum.

Experience this guided your from your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or VR head set.

360 Video and VR technology is impacting the World!

Although the most obvious applications of 360 video and VR technology have so far been seen in gaming, the technology is now seeing much greater applications in industry and business, most notably in the areas of travel and real estate, medicine, education, museums, science, and retail.

Advantages of 360 Video

According to Hootsuite, 360 videos used in online marketing have a much higher click-through rate, as well as significantly increased numbers of views and shares when compared with standard format videos.  In fact, a recent Google study reveals that 360 videos are 42% more likely to be shared than ordinary video.  This results in greater engagement as well as an increase in cost efficiency.  360 Video and VR applications are here to stay, and empowers companies of all kinds to provide viewers with a 360-degree view of all that they have to offer!

360 and VR Industry Applications

A few examples of how 360 video and VR technology are being used to change our world include:​

Travel/Real Estate

  • VR tours of resorts prior to booking, as well as virtual home tours that allow out-of-state buyers to experience a property from afar.

  • Virtual Vacation experiences that allow a consumer to get a feel for a destination prior to deciding on a visit.

  • Virtual visits to national parks, monuments, etc.

360 Video/VR technology is about to reach almost every corner of our world, from retail stores to supermarkets, classrooms and corporate offices, and recreational and sports venues.  It is fundamentally changing how products are marketed and sold.  And the best news is that the real “winners” from using this technology are consumers, who enjoy having greater knowledge and experiences before deciding on a purchase or a service-related activity.


360 video and VR technology will continue to advance, and will soon include a greater “sensory” experience, thanks to the additions of smell, touch and taste technology.


With all of these industry-changing applications, it will be impossible to avoid the 360 video and VR experience in our daily lives, from the way we conduct business, to our social lives and our family interactions.

Quast Media can help your company to develop, create and implement a 360 video/VR application that’s customized for your unique audience and industry. Give us a call today and let’s get started to help you in joining the growing VR revolution!

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