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It is widely known that most people are “visual learners”. With children being exposed to more technology at  even younger ages, educational institutions are increasingly relying on these technologies to educate, engage, inform, and inspire America’s students! 


AR | VR | MR

In a 2018 article in The Washington Post, it stated that “the future of education is virtual”.  Simply put, advances in technology and reductions in associated costs have allowed Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality applications to dramatically change the way in which people learn.  These “alternative” realities are now being used to enhance engagement while increasing retention, which can have a transformative effect on the methods educational institutions use to deliver content.

Usages: Virtual Classrooms, Special Education and Therapeutic Exercises, Virtual Field Trips, Medical Training, Campus Recruitment and School Differentiation, Augmented Content.


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Video Production

In today’s digital world, videos are an important part of marketing and messaging strategies.  Video marketing has been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.  This is especially important in today’s world of “content overload”.  Your educational institution’s ability to capture attention and build market differentiation has never been more important!

Quast Media can manage your video project from start to finish, including research, script development, talent casting, 2D and 3D animation, on-site or studio video and audio recording, editing and distribution.

We’ve helped schools and colleges of all sizes to build brand awareness and increase enrollment.  Quast Media can complement your messaging and recruitment efforts through every level of student engagement.  Here are a few kinds of video production projects we can create for your unique audience.

Usage: Campus Fly-Overs, Class Demos, Student Testimonials, Teacher/Staff Training and Continuing Education, Student-Facing Event Promotions, Building School Spirit/Loyalty. 

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ED - Vid
Edu - DS


From large multi-building universities to a small-town secondary schools, Quast Media can not only provides the latest hardware, software and installation but also creates and manages your content.

Our relationship with you begins before we install your digital signage system. We know that content is the most important part of any successfully implemented messaging tool. We work closely with your marketing department to research, create and distribute the right content to all your digital signage locations.


Recommended locations: Outside Welcome Boards, Cafeterias, Counseling Department Waiting Areas, Staff Break Areas, Training and Conference Facilities, High Traffic Areas.

Usage: Event and Services Messaging, Staff Recognition, General and Required Student-Facing Information, Safety and Evacuation Information, Wayfinding.

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