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In today’s digital world, videos are an important part of marketing strategies.  Video marketing has been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.  This is especially important in today’s world of “content overload”.  Your business’s ability to capture attention has never been more important!

Quast Media can handle your video project from start to finish, including research, script development, talent casting, on-site or studio video recording, editing and distribution.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes to build brand and increase revenues. Quast Media can compliment your marketing efforts through every level of audience “funnel activity” engagement.  Here are a few kinds of video production projects we can create for your unique audience:


TOP OF FUNNEL – The Audience Awareness Stage

  • Branding Videos – to acquaint your audience with your values and visions

  • Animation Videos – show off your brand creativity

  • Educational Videos – to appeal to those looking for new information

  • Explainer/Tutorial Videos – establish authority, capture “how-to” queries

  • 360 Experience Videos – immersive stories and experiences; sneak peeks, behind the scenes, live event coverage, etc.

MID FUNNEL – Audience Consideration Stage

  • Video Emails – differentiate yourself at this crucial time of the sales process

  • Product Videos – show how your product works, highlight features/benefits

  • Company Culture Videos – emotionally connect by showing the human side of your company

  • Testimonial Videos – to build trust and credibility, while highlighting your product’s unique value proposition

BOTTOM OF FUNNEL – Audience decision stage

  • FAQ Videos – answer any questions that may remain that could inhibit a sale

  • Demonstration/Instruction Videos – detail “after the sale” support available

  • Thank You Videos – unexpected, but greatly appreciated!

Our portfolio is a testament to our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality work. We take great pride in our projects and let our work speak for itself. We invite you to browse through our portfolio to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Within these case studies you will find ideas and inspiration for everything from mini-documentaries, training videos, digital signage content management, video tours, augmented reality and more.

Ready to start your project?

Call us at 860.310.4400 or send us a message to request samples of our work.

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