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In today’s digital world, videos are an important part of marketing strategies.  Video marketing has been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium.  This is especially important in today’s world of “content overload”.  Your business’s ability to capture attention has never been more important!

Here are just a few reasons to consider using videos in your company’s marketing plan:

  1. Videos can be used in every facet of your audience engagement, allowing you to have great versatility when it comes to promoting your company and the products or services you offer.

  2. Videos have become more cost-effective and much easier to produce than ever before, and because they generate viewership, they can provide a greater total ROI than other mediums.

  3. Videos can help your audience differentiate your company from the competition by providing you an effective medium to share more about you and your company’s personality.

  4. Videos encourage sharing more than 10x as much as any other medium.

  5. Since videos are more likely to be viewed than text, including videos in your marketing will make it easier to get your point across and provide valuable information.

  6. According to Comscore, adding a video to your website can increase your chances of a front page Google result by 53 times!

  7. According to statistics published by, 65% of viewers watch more than three-fourths of a video, far greater than those that read text-based messaging.

  8. In 2017, video content will account for over 70% of all web traffic.

  9. 75% of business executives watch industry related B2B videos at least weekly.

Quast Media can handle your video project from start to finish, including research, script development, talent casting, on-site or studio video recording, editing and distribution.

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes to build brand and increase revenues. Quast Media can compliment your marketing efforts through every level of audience “funnel activity” engagement.  Here are a few kinds of video production projects we can create for your unique audience:

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TOP OF FUNNEL – The Audience Awareness Stage

  • Branding Videos – to acquaint your audience with your values and visions

  • Animation Videos – show off your brand creativity

  • Educational Videos – to appeal to those looking for new information

  • Explainer/Tutorial Videos – establish authority, capture “how-to” queries

  • 360 Experience Videos – immersive stories and experiences; sneak peeks, behind the scenes, live event coverage, etc.

MID FUNNEL – Audience Consideration Stage

  • Video Emails – differentiate yourself at this crucial time of the sales process

  • Product Videos – show how your product works, highlight features/benefits

  • Company Culture Videos – emotionally connect by showing the human side of your company

  • Testimonial Videos – to build trust and credibility, while highlighting your product’s unique value proposition

BOTTOM OF FUNNEL – Audience decision stage

  • FAQ Videos – answer any questions that may remain that could inhibit a sale

  • Demonstration/Instruction Videos – detail “after the sale” support available

  • Thank You Videos – unexpected, but greatly appreciated!

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Find out how Quast Media can customize a video production that’s tailored to deliver your unique messaging!

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