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Corporate Museum Case Study | The Lee Company

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The Lee Company Unveils a Groundbreaking Digital Showcase: Celebrating 75 Years of Innovation and Space Race Triumphs

The Lee Company, headquartered in Westbrook, CT., stands at the forefront of miniature fluid control product manufacturing. With a legacy spanning over 75 years, the company has meticulously curated a collection of over 3,000 artifacts, encapsulating the essence of "early engineering" history. These artifacts not only narrate the tale of innovation but also underscore The Lee Company's pivotal role in major historical milestones. Serving as a cornerstone supplier across diverse industries including aerospace/aviation, defense, automotive, medical, and oil and gas, The Lee Company has been instrumental in shaping America's journey toward technical manufacturing mastery.


Previously housed in a modest structure in Old Saybrook, CT, The Lee Company recently embarked on a transformative endeavor, erecting a state-of-the-art 2,800 square foot museum on its main campus. This initiative aimed to elevate the visitor experience, providing an immersive journey through time as patrons engage with many significant historical artifacts on display.

In collaboration with WingSite Displays and The Lee Company, Quast Media spearheaded the conceptualization and execution of a cutting-edge museum design, augmented by interactive digital experiences. The objective is to seamlessly weave together narratives of "early engineering" history, the epic "Space Race," and The Lee Company's monumental contributions, captivating audiences comprising clients, prospects, staff members, and visitors alike. 


Central to The Lee Company's collection are artifacts chronicling "The Space Race," a period marked by America's quest for technological supremacy culminating in the historic moon landing. As integral players in this epoch-defining saga, The Lee Company's technological innovations played a pivotal role in realizing this audacious goal.


To effectively convey the complexities and triumphs of the "Space Race" era, while spotlighting The Lee Company's indispensable contributions, Quast Media faced the challenge of devising a bespoke digital experience.



The Quast Media team worked collaboratively with The Lee Company team to identify the important accomplishments and milestones of the “Space Race” along with the individual Lee Company milestones that occurred during this timeframe.


The results produced a new, interactive “Digital Sliderule” technology that is the centerpiece of the museum, capturing the passion, precision, and pioneering spirit that defines both the company and the exciting “race to the moon”!


Digital Sliderule/Timeline

The Digital Timeline is Quast Media’s touchscreen innovation that people love to spend time with. It's essentially an interactive multitouch kiosk on a uniquely designed precision rail system. With the lightest touch users can slide the monitor back and forth effortlessly across the graphic backdrop, interacting with multimedia content at any number of intervals along the way. 


Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, Quast Media and The Lee Company meticulously curated pivotal milestones from both the "Space Race" era and The Lee Company's illustrious history. As a result, the innovative "Digital Sliderule" technology was created, it now serves as the apex of the museum. This interactive marvel not only encapsulates the fervor and precision synonymous with The Lee Company but also vividly narrates the captivating saga of the "race to the moon." 

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