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Brewery Case Study | Urban Lodge


A Signature Signage Style for a Growing Local Brewer  

Urban Lodge Brewing Company (ULBC) has always demonstrated great instincts for fueling growth and carving out market position. 


ULBC really knows how to brew a great beer. And serve a burger. And pour a drink. What they didn’t know when they began work on their flagship restaurant in Downtown Hartford, CT, was how to use digital signage to create a signature dining and entertainment experience. When they tapped Quast Media, that quickly changed.

We showed them how we could install a signage system throughout the brewery that could multitask all the things they wanted to do: present their rotating beer menus, display their merch, broadcast the big game, and give patrons those brewery “feels.” By ULBC’s own objectives, they wanted a low-maintenance, highly flexible and easy to use solution—one that any existing or new manager could learn and operate easily. And, it needed to enhance the brewery experience for patrons, both functionally and aesthetically.


Digital Menuboards


Digital Menuboards with live TV


The Quast Media Team worked with the brewery’s interior design team to imagine, spec and implement a series of connected video experiences throughout the two-level floorplan that would run on Quast Media’s Quantent Management System (QMS). The solution would simultaneously provide real-time menu selections, promotion and events messaging, and broadcast sports, with maximum flexibility for switching what gets seen, where, when, and for how long.

We also reserved two 85” high resolution displays to create “brew-windows.” The Quast video production team filmed lengthy segments of the brewing team at work, making and canning beer. The brew-windows look like real windows into the operation and are an essential touchstone to the creation and artistry of the beer and authenticates the experience for discerning patrons.


ULBC’s QMS solution is loaded with a range of features:

  • Digital beverage menus, unique to each bar service area

  • Instant updates when a keg kicks or beers change 

  • Consistently branded digital messaging throughout the restaurant

  • Template design: Broadcast integrated with branded messaging at all times

  • Centralized, real-time content management using our Quantent Management System (QMS) online editor

  • Over 200 widgets (i.e. weather, social media, financial ticker, etc), to choose from and add to their branded template design

  • Training that gives ULBC ownership and editing control of their system

  • Quast’s immediate technical and service support

Digital Merchandise Menu

The Brew Window


Using QMS, our development and creative team handled template design and content editing duties for a period of one month after the restaurant’s opening, so the ULBC restaurant team could focus on other priorities during that time. After two trainings, ULBC began solo management which continues to this day, with minor assistance from our team.

The restaurant opened to an eager public on the famed “Pratt Street” in Downtown Hartford, October, 2023. ULBC has been catering to lunch, evening and sports and event crowds, with no downtime or functional issues with the signage system.

Since then, ULBC has become expert at managing its QMS system: templates, content, and broadcast; editing menus on-the-fly; and assigning content to their various displays as needed. 

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