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Quantent Management System (QMS)

QMS is Content Design & Management, Software, Hardware and Support

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Relevant, engaging, and up-to-date content is essential for any effective marketing campaign.  This is just as true in developing a digital signage network. We understand that both creating and managing such content is time consuming.

Our all-inclusive Quantent Management System (QMS) fixes that.

We take the pressure off you and your team to produce content.

QMS isn’t just great content. It’s strategy, creative development, calendar, scheduling, deployment, audit and technical support—so the experience of producing consistent, powerful messaging is efficient and stress-free.

To learn more about QMS, please take a moment to view the following self-guided video presentation.


Quantent Management System (QMS)

Impress your customers, visitors, engage your employees with beautifully designed content in an easy-to-use online application

Our QMS Digital signage is an innovative communication tool that replaces posters, printed signs, and chalk boards. It's a form of narrowcasting in which video content is displayed on a monitor for informational or advertising purposes. Our digital signs consist of our 4K media player connected to a LED display or video wall. Content on digital signs can be updated remotely in real-time using our cloud-based QMS content management software.

QMS includes the following features:


Import Files

QMS is capable of handling a wide variety of content formats. These include: jpg, png, bmp, gif, pptx, google dox, mp4 and more!

Easily Add Apps

Integrate apps that you already use into your digital signage with ease. Connect your social media profiles or incorporate weather and clock applications to enhance your signage design.


Create Playlists

Playlists allow for your imported or created content to be easily organized. Implement custom schedules to control how and when your content is displayed and in what order.

Schedule Content

Assign custom times of days, run times and duration in a few easy steps.


Customize Content Zones

Make your signage unique by creating and customizing "zone" which allow for multiple types of content all on one screen. Use available templates or create your own layout.

Register Multiple Users

Grant multiple users access to view, manage and update signage content on screens.


Edit Content Online

Create your content right in the QMBox2 cloud-based application. No extra software needed! Features easy drag-and-drop functionality.

Receive Realtime Run Data

Generate and view "playback reports" to see detailed information on ads and runtimes for different campaigns and ads.


Enable Offline Playback* 

Offline playback ensures that your content doesn't stop when there is an interruption in internet service.

*Please note that this does not apply to live feed content (news, social media...)

Engage Kiosk Mode

Turn your content into a touchable screen that allows clients and customers to interact with your brand and media.



Player Software for Almost Any Device
Our QMS player software is compatible with many devices such as:

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