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Featured Industry Case Study – Healthcare - Digital Signage

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Elevate Your Message with Quast Media's Cutting-Edge Technology

Quast Media is a complete provider of interactive digital signage hardware and software solutions.


We offer companies of all sizes, and in any industry vertical the chance to use the latest digital technologies to better engage their target audiences, build brand authority, and increase revenues!


From the most innovative and crystal-clear 4K/Ultra HD displays and LED video walls, to media players that can display 4K/Ultra HD video, images, social media feeds and even interactive content, Quast Media has you covered with project consultation, acquisition, installation, and training and support!

We only use high-end digital signage systems Including our own cloud-based Quantent Management System (QMS).

How easy is it to use?

Watch the video below and see for yourself how easily this technology is implemented. 

In less than 4 minutes you can learn how to operate our cloud-based content management software!

Digital signage partners we work with include high-quality brands such as:

Not sure how it applies to your business?
Watch one of our industry-specific videos!

Meet Paige. Healthcare Facilities
Paige works in the marketing department of Watkins Hospital. Watch the video and learn how she applied digital technology, enabling her to join our growing "Stop the Easel" movement!

Meet Ruben. Restaurants
Do you own a restaurant? What would it mean in cost savings and time efficiency to never need to develop, update, or pay for printed menu boards again?

Meet Jack. Small Business
Do you work in a professional office? Then you need to meet Jack. Learn how his firm is enjoying business growth from existing clients as well as acquiring new ones with the use of digital technology!

Meet Cassie. Fitness Clubs
Cassie is the manager at HeartBeat Fitness. Watch the video and learn how she used cutting-edge digital solutions to join our growing "Stop the Easel" movement.


What is digital signage/menu board technology?


Digital signage is an innovative communication tool that replaces posters, printed signs, printed menu boards and chalk boards. It's a form of narrowcasting in which video content is displayed on a monitor for informational or advertising purposes. Our digital signs and menu boards consist of our 4K/UltraHD media player connected to a LED display or video wall. Content on digital signs can be updated remotely in real-time using content management software.


Who uses it?

Digital signage is used in office lobbies, reception areas, retail stores, schools, libraries, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, banks, auto dealerships, health clubs, and many other venues. Additionally, many restaurants are using digital signage technology to replace their printed menu boards.


How can digital signage benefit you?

Here are just a few advantages of using digital signage to replace static signs

(paper, boards, etc.):

  • Digital signs attract more attention by using high-definition motion graphics and video

  • Content can be updated within a matter of seconds

  • Digital signs are environmentally friendly — reducing tons of paper waste each year

  • Digital signage allows you to display emergency messaging in real time

  • Digital signage improves communication with both business prospects and employees alike

How much does it cost?

We offer complete digital signage, video wall and digital menu board solutions, including all hardware, software, installation and fully-managed content. Based on the size and needs of your organization, we can recommend our desktop solution or our cloud-based solution. 


             Contact us today to find out more.


What types of content can be displayed?

Our cutting-edge media players can display all kinds of information, including video, motion graphics, images, social media feeds, and even interactive websites.  You’ll also have the flexibility to display your content in either “portrait” or “landscape” format.


Whether you’re looking to display your messaging on a conventional flat screen monitor, or the largest “video wall”, our digital signage technology will use intense colors and vibrant images to set just the right mood!   With display options from high definition to ultra 4k clarity, your content will shine!

How is content created?

As you’ll see in the examples below, our software makes it easy for companies to have the technology to create their messaging.  In the case of a company that may lack the time or potentially the creativity to put their message into words, Quast Media has a full team of talented people that can assess, create, and manage your content for you – helping you to build engagement, build branding, and build revenue!  


            Contact us today to find out more!

Need more convincing?

Take a look at some of our digital signage installations!

Waiting Room TVs

Waiting Room TVs

Interactive Video Wall

Interactive Video Wall

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Donor Walls

Donor Walls

DS Contact

Ready for more?



Call us at 860.310.4400 or send us a message to request samples of our work.

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