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Hosting your events in an "on-demand" world

Over the years, Quast Media has been hired to film company events for many occasions, including employee info sessions, new product orientations, corporate training, hospital procedural at-home therapy seminars, and fundraising galas etc.

No matter how well these events have been planned and promoted, it’s just a fact that many people who had indicated the ability to attend had last-minute conflicts that prevented them from doing so. It’s commonplace for these types of events, as important as they are, to draw far less than was originally planned for.

Before passing judgement on the reasons people get conflicted, we need to stop and take a moment to realize that despite all good intentions, we live in an “on-demand” world. We’ve gotten used to getting our news on demand, watch our favorite shows on demand, and even eat meals on demand. With this backdrop as our reality, it’s easy to see why alternative meetings, phone calls, project deadlines, and unforeseen family issues are just some of the reasons people’s plans suddenly change.

Yes, less people attend live events than ever before, because other demands just “make it so”. The question then remains – “What can we do about it”?

The answer is rather simple: Make the event available “on demand” as well. There are two basic ways to accomplish this – well, in actuality there are three:

  1. Grab your smartphone or camcorder; a bit “homemade”, but for small events this might be all you need.

  2. Hire a video production company to record it. This will allow you to take advantage of better quality video with multiple cameras capturing multiple speakers, while displaying graphics and your PowerPoint presentations.

  3. Hire a video production company to stream live to Facebook, or YouTube. Wait, did we just say that people don’t have time to watch live events? Well, of course there are still people that will attend your event, but here’s where the real benefit of live streaming comes in. Your event now becomes available as an “on-demand” video instantly after the event ends. We recently streamed an event where 8 people were watching it live. Within a few hours of the event, more than 500 people watched the recording, including a reporter from a local paper, who wrote an article about the event using the recording. He even included the video link in his article. By live streaming your event (besides making it available for people who can’t attend) you also expand your footprint from a local audience to a regional, national or even a global one!

Hopeful I’ve given you the encouragement to give live streaming a try - or at least got you thinking about recording your event for “on-demand” view.

Quast Media offers live streaming packages that are specifically designed to capture multiple speakers, graphics, and PowerPoints, while giving your on-demand video or live stream a professional touch that compliments the way you conduct your business. And best of all, they’re all within your budget!

Sign-up here today to receive our “event recording/live streaming on social media” price list.

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