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Printed signs and posters are having a comeback, but should they?

As more and more states are lifting business closures due to coronavirus, new guidelines and rules are being put in place almost on a daily basis. For many businesses the challenge isn’t only to navigate such new guidelines but also how to communicate them to customers and their own staff.

The first thought for many businesses is printing signs and placing them throughout their facility. We have seen many of those signs at our grocery stores and workplaces, informing us about social distancing and other regulations.

For me as the owner of a digital technology solutions provider, it brings back memories. One reason why I started my business back in 2006 was to eliminate posters and signs scattered throughout businesses and replace them with a (back then) new technology called “digital signage.” I was inspired by a visit to a hospital where I had to navigate through an array of posters placed on easels.

At the time, I felt that not only were they obstructing foot traffic and didn’t look professional, I also thought about the amount of work it took for an employee to design the poster, get it printed, and then walk throughout the entire facility to deploy the posters. Then, when the content needed to be updated, this process started all over again.

Our team created an animated video that describes this whole redundant process:

I believed there should be a better way, and there was. This is when I deployed my first digital sign at that very hospital. Back then, digital signage software wasn’t widely available, so since I (even back then) already was a technology geek and content creator, I used existing design software, calendars and code scripts to create a digital signage software package.

Fortunately, as digital signage grew in popularity, more software became available. I researched many different software solutions to find the right fit for our clients, and I continue to do that today. Although we have two main software solutions we offer, Quast Media listens to the needs of our clients and chooses the best solution for their needs.

So, if digital signage has been around for so many years, why do we see a “return of the posters”?

The answer is simple. As people are thinking of a quick solution to their communication needs, they are referring back to something they are familiar with. While believing that printing posters fulfills their needs at that moment, they overlook to consider more efficient, long-term solutions.

We have heard in the media, that going back to “normal” might take a while, it’s safe to assume that guidelines and rules will continue to change.

So before we go back to “Meet Page”, here are a few benefits of digital signage you should consider:

  • Digital Signage removes clutter in hallways and on walls.

  • Digital Signage eliminates the cost of printing one-time posters.

  • Content can be updated within a matter of seconds on a large number of signs.

  • Digital signs attract more attention by using high-definition motion graphics and video.

  • Digital signs are environmentally friendly — reducing tons of paper waste each year.

  • Digital signage allows you to display emergency messaging in real time.

  • Digital signage improves communication with both business prospects and employees alike.

It’s not too late to go with the future (present) and say goodbye to old habits. Our professional installation crew is available to safely install your digital signage system today.

And don’t feel shy to ask about our content design process to help you get your messaging out quickly and cost-effectively.

Visit to view our portfolio or call us at 860.310.4400.

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