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Digital Donor Walls and Directories – Technology Solutions That Make a Difference

Companies of all kinds are turning to technology solutions to improve their messaging needs and customer service interactions. Two such areas that can have a major impact on your business are Digital Donor Walls and Digital Directories.

At Quast Media, digital signage solutions are part of our company heritage. We were founded on this technology and it remains an integral part of our client services. Let’s take a few minutes to explore these two digital signage applications and discover what makes them so valuable:

Digital Donor Walls

Many companies rely on new and continued support from individuals and organizations to fully fund the important work that so many people rely upon. This is true in health care, music, the arts and museums, and in the world of nonprofits, to name just a few.

Traditionally, much time, money, and effort was expended to recognize these benefactors with plaques, awards and citations. But there’s a better way - one that would decrease the time and expense it takes to bestow this well-deserved recognition, while also providing a deeper and more meaningful connection to the people and donors behind the gifting.

Quast Media can help your company to recognize these contributions by installing a dedicated digital donor wall. Using today’s 4Kk ultra-high definition screens and digital signage players, you have the technology to honor and recognize these achievements within minutes of the recognition event. With the ability to customize the messaging, you can speak more clearly to the event, and to the effective way that it will be used to change lives.

An additional benefit is that the once you invest in the technology, you and your donors can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that future donations are being put to the uses they were intended for, without the further cost dilution necessary for ongoing traditional recognition programs.

Donor profiles, photos, achievements and upcoming new events and projects can all be displayed using eye-catching graphics and video. You may even choose to offer ad space to corporate sponsors.

These are just some of the ways that a digital donor wall can enable your company to better serve your community and the donors that keep it all working.

A new digital donor strategy can reward your donors while fully and effectively supporting the causes that are so important to us all!

Digital Directories

Today more than any other time in recent memory, we find ourselves in an environment that demands constant attention be paid to where we go, what we touch, and how we interact with others.

Digital Directories can be an important tool in reducing stress levels in visitors, guests and staff. Digital directory technology allows your business to display current information at all times, such as office locations and “wayfinding”, staff bios, current events, even news or weather. The messaging can rotate through different screens or remain static, depending on your needs.

The technological advantages of using digital directories are remarkable:

  • Messaging is distinct and easy to see – resulting in better retention

  • Information can be easily and quickly updated to reflect changing conditions or procedures

  • Time is saved in staff maintenance hours, while visitors enjoy information that is accurate and timely.

Quast Media has the experience and knowledge to help you with the hardware, software, location selections, installation, and content development that drive these two technologies. To find out how a dedicated digital donor wall and a digital directory can make a difference in your company,

call 860.310.4400 – or email


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