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The Latest Trends: Augmented Reality

Today I want to give you a glimpse at a fairly new digital technology designed to better meet the changing demands of today’s consumer – called “Augmented Reality” .

What is Augmented Reality?

Simply put, AR is a technology that “superimposes” computer-generated images on a real-world object, providing for many unique n

ew experiences! With this application, we can enhance a subject’s features and add levels of accessibility, creating all kinds of interactive possibilities!

It might surprise you to learn that this “new” technology actually has roots going back about 40 years! Of course these first applications were crude by today’s standards, and took immense computing power to run. One of the first examples of AR being used in a way that most consumers might remember was in the late 1990’s when the NFL used AR technology to superimpose the yellow “first down” line marker on our tv screens. More recently, it was used in the “Pokemon Go” application that had kids of all ages so excited for week after week!

Today, hardware components needed for augmented reality are already contained in many modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, making it now possible to bring this exciting technology to the marketplace in meaningful and cost-effective new ways!

Let me give you a quick example of how AR can be used to simply enhance a product or service:

In the video above, I want to give you a quick sample on how AR can be used, What we have here is a static poster advertising one of our digital signage solutions that is focused on the fitness industry. With Augmented Reality technology, we’re able to turn this static poster into an interactive experience. We simply scan the poster with our AR app and watch the poster come alive. No matter how you angle your phone, the interactive poster stays in place. To add even greater interactivity, we included a button that will activate another video, which explains how our digital signage software works. By touching the “back” button below you can return to the previous video. Here we also have another button that simply links to our website.

Augmented Reality technology can help almost any business to build more meaningful and interactive relationships with their prospects and clients.

To find out how an Augmented Reality strategy from Quast Media could have a positive effect on YOUR business, contact us today at (860) 310-4400 – or visit our website at:

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