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“Fueling” your Messaging – Ingredient #1 - ”Setting Goals”

Last week we discussed the importance of having a strategy in place for creating the compelling content necessary to fuel your digital messaging strategy. This week, we’ll look at the first ingredient in this strategy – “Setting Goals”.

On the surface, it may seem fairly simple to discuss goal-setting. But too many times, companies develop digital messaging goals in isolation. What do I mean by that, you may ask? To be truly effective, any marketing messaging that is developed, regardless of the medium you’re going to use to promote it, should be reflective of the overall marketing goals you’ve established for your company.

The late great Stephen Covey, in his landmark book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, cited as his Number 2 Habit the need to “begin with the end in mind”. For the purpose of our conversation, this is how that habit might translate:

  • Develop an outcome-based plan that considers what the end objective is before content is developed. “What do I want this messaging to convey?” “Who is my target audience?” “Why would the target audience find this information useful?” “How would I like this audience to “take action” upon the messaging?”

  • “How will this messaging align with our overall growth and revenue goals?”

  • “What’s the right “mix” of message targeting that’s most appropriate for us -- promotion, brand authority, thought leadership, process or “best practices” information, client support?”

  • “Does this messaging relate to and reflect upon our corporate mission statement?”

  • “Does this messaging meet our moral and ethical standards?”

  • “Have I improved upon the messaging we’re replacing?”

Once these questions have been asked and answered, I think you’ll find it much easier to develop meaningful content that remains consistent in delivering messages that yield the results you’re looking for.

Next week we’ll discuss the “Number Two” ingredient needed to “fuel” your messaging – “Know your Audience”. Until then, I hope you’ll spend some time developing and setting your goals for effective messaging!

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