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“Augmented Reality” – Finding Your Purpose!

In my last article, I tried to describe the technology of Augmented Reality, and sought to differentiate between this “real world” enhancement tool and the fully immersive and simulated world of Virtual Reality.

Now that we understand and no longer have a fear for what Augmented Reality (AR) can bring to the table, the question remains: How might I use this digital instrument to bring clarity and valued engagement to my specific audience? In trying to help you answer this question, it’s important to note that in the final analysis, the only answer that matters will come from your own understanding of your core message and your knowledge of your targeted audience.

In my last posting, I spoke about guarding against the urge to use AR “because you can”. In delving a bit deeper into my meaning, I want to say that this technology – or for that matter, any technology – is best used with purpose and thoughtful consideration.

In deciding if an AR medium is right for a specific message, consider that to use this tool, you are going to ask the audience to become more involved in receiving the message. To get the affect of the content layering on the real-world object, the viewer needs to take a few more steps, and this will require a bit more time. So, the consideration really is “Does this extra time and effort translate into a more engaging and informative experience”? “Does the use of AR provide a more stimulating, dynamic, or more valuable way to express this message”? If the answer is “no”, or “I’m not sure”, perhaps you need to ask yourself what needs to be changed to enable the technology to provide this desired outcome. If you still can’t see the value-add, maybe the information is best relayed with a more traditional messaging medium. Remember – if you’re unsure of the value, chances are your audience will be unsure as well.

AR allows you to use a greater immersive experience to “tell your story”. AR gives you the chance to use a “3rd dimension in building your message. Are you finding ways to use this “deeper” content to bring your audience “into” your experience?

If you’re looking for ways to use Augmented Reality in a portion of your marketing and messaging campaign but are still struggling a bit with how to make it all “fit in”, Quast Media can help. We’re experts in helping you to understand the “when, why, and how’s of getting the most out of digital solutions. Contact us at to arrange a “discovery meeting” that can help ensure that this cutting-edge technology tool is employed in the best way possible to build brand, build audience, and build revenue for your company!

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