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Giving Thanks for What’s Important

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that this past year has been one for the record books. Every time you turn on the TV, log on to your favorite web sites, or reach for a newspaper, you’re greeted with a report on some breaking new tragedy, some reason to fear a possible and “impending event”, or are confronted with a story that highlights the increased differences that seek to further divide us. We’re constantly reminded that unless we make this new purchase, lose this number of pounds, or use this new drug or cosmetic procedure – and right NOW -- we’re somehow less that we can be, and will be perceived as such by others.

I don’t know when we’ve been subjected to so much negative energy or been asked to focus on so many things that seem contrary to building a better life. So, where’d we go wrong? How’d we end up here?

These negative things may indeed be real and as such, are a part of our human condition … but only a part. I’m a believer in attracting what you produce; in getting what you give. If we look for light, we’ve got a good chance we’ll find some… It’s there to see if we choose to bring it into focus.

If we take a moment – a moment to be honest with ourselves, we’d see that despite all our perceived problems, slights, or aggravations, most of us have much to remain thankful for. It’s all around us, if we’ll just take a deep breath and look with clear eyes.

This year as always, I’m thankful for my incredible family, my supportive “better half”, good health, and a career I can be proud of. But when I’m honest, I know that I can do more to better the lives of those around me – and by extension, continue to better my own.

I’m going to make an effort to wake each day and see the good – in those closest to me, in my work, and in my community. I’m going to watch less television, read more books, and write more words. I’ll strive to love more, and to complain less. And I promise to value people over things, and to enjoy the moment, not constantly be looking for something better that might be around some new corner.

Jackson Browne said it well back in 1976 when he summed up how easy it is to fall into this mindset: “no matter where I am, I can’t help thinkin’ I’m just a day away from where I want to be”.

This year, I’ll make a renewed effort to concentrate on “service to others” over “service to self”. It’s my way of trying to concentrate on the good I can be a part of, and in doing so, maybe I can bring a small bit of added light into what seems to be a world increasingly growing darker.

I’ll strive to remember what’s important in life – and work to celebrate and give thanks for it each day – I invite you to join me!

To every one of you – I wish you the peace that comes from loving, and the light that comes from knowing; wherever you find yourselves this Thanksgiving, may you feel blessed and valued. Continued best wishes in all that you do….

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