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The importance of Professional Digital Signage Installation and Support

OK – So you’ve made the decision to purchase a digital signage solution for your company. You’re looking forward to creating better client messaging, and can’t wait to see how incredibly eye-catching your information is now going to look in glorious 4k Ultra HD!

But before you can start reaping all the many benefits of this great digital technology medium, your new system will need to be installed. Yes, I know that this isn’t the most glamorous part of the process – but it’s one of the most important!

At Quast Media, we recognize that a big part of what we do to make this transition a successful one is to identify and address all the issues surrounding an installation – before we begin the process. This is an extra step that not only separates us from the competition, but more importantly, ensures that your installation will be done right – the very first time!

We begin our process by internally discussing your needs, to include your usage goals, your available space and overall site management, your current IT support, and your project end-outcomes. Then we come “on-site” to mark walls, take measurements, and look for specific details, such as if we’ll need to install “data jacks”.

Once our “reconnaissance” is completed, we’re ready to check our inventory to make sure we have each and every part that will be necessary to provide a professional installation. If we’ll need to order a special part or installation component, now is the time to do it!

Now we’re ready to set up the digital signage players and related hardware that will make the system come to life. Included in this step is a thorough testing of the components to ensure that they’re working perfectly. If everything checks out, we can then schedule an installation appointment around your schedule and those of your project manager and/or IT department.

And should a problem ever occur, we’re there to help with tech support that’s a phone call or an email away….

I hope it’s now obvious – all digital signage installations are NOT created equally! Quast Media is dedicated to doing things right – first time, every time -- and ON time!

For more information on a custom digital signage solution from Quast Media, please contact

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