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The Power of Corporate Videos

In today’s crowded marketing space where consumers are bombarded with sights, sounds, and text - a virtual “sea of information overload” - advanced video technology is one of the most powerful communications tools that a company can employ.

A well-developed video message can educate, engage, and entertain an audience like no other medium available. According to recent statistics, video messaging now represents nearly 75% of all internet traffic. The video sharing service YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world behind only Google! And if that wasn’t enough information to support video’s incredible reach, statistics also tell us that visitors to your website are 65% more likely to do business with you after watching a video about your company or services.

Corporate videos are a great way to put your company’s mission, vision, and services in front of consumers. Whether you’re looking to increase brand identity, introduce a new product, build on thought leadership, or tell a specific story, a video production can be a cost-effective way to do it.

At Quast Media, we know just what it takes to make the exciting marketing medium of video work for you. Our team will work to understand your messaging goals and objectives and will design, develop, and deliver a customized video message that’s compelling, impactful, and most importantly - actionable.

Recently, an Aerospace company with locations in both the United States and Italy had a desire to develop a corporate video to better merge their company’s messaging while engaging audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. With a timeline of only 6 weeks, Quast Media was there to create a video presentation that blended the facilities, products, and services of these proud and historic Aviation companies. The resulting corporate video made its debut at the 2019 Paris Air Show, the oldest and largest aviation show in the world. For an in-depth look at the project, view our recent case study:

In a world where consumers are becoming ever more selective in what they view, read, and believe, Quast Media can help your company stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss how a customized video and/or 360-degree video from Quast Media can deliver your message and make a meaningful difference to your clients, your brand and your company. 860.924.1167

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